Longopac - Continuous Liner System

  • Save money - reduce your bag usage by 7 times.
  • Cut collection costs - no more bags half full of air in your skips!
  • Save Time - empty and reline in less than 30 seconds...
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Longopac – Continuous Liner System: How to empty and re-line

  • Up to 30 second liner changeover, simply pull down to reload...
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Longopac – Continuous Liner System: How to load a liner refill

  • 60m of liner in 1 cassette refill, quick, clean and effective!
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Meet the i-mop...

  • 24 Hour Continuous Cleaning...
  • A Health & Safety Dream: dry floors and no cord...
  • Start saving time and money today!
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i-mop: The Future of Cleaning

  • The quickest, most flexible and lightweight scrubber dryer...
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i-mop: See it in Action!

  • Cleans as fast as you can walk!
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ProfilGate... helping to create CleanTrax

  • Proven to reduce cleaning costs, plus improve hygiene and safety.
  • Helps prevent dirty, slippery floors and accidents...
  • Proven to catch 23kg of dirt per week!
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ProfilGate Go For Pedestrians

  • Bristles are 2mm longer than other models.
  • Cleans deep into the profiles of the soles of safety shoes.
  • Can also be used with trolleys and pallet trucks...
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UniSweep Super Brooms

  • Unique modular brush system for super effective sweeping.
  • Proven to reduce labour costs by 98%.
  • No moving parts, no motors, no down time - no problem!
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Cafe Crush Recycling Machines

  • Reduce your waste volume by up to 90%.
  • Reduce the handling, storage and transportation of waste.
  • Reduce the amount of bin collections from your site.
Keep your workplace clean, tidy and productive!


Hanzl Stop-It

  • Wash off hand protection system for dry work
  • Works like an invisible glove
  • Helps to protect against oil, grease, solvents, paints, glues,etc
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