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greenO clean All Purpose Cleaner And Degreaser x 3

Code: GR6510
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  • greenO clean® differs from other cleaning materials by having a very high amount of active ingredients. Even with a relatively low dose a very effective result is achieved. The fact that greenO clean® is so concentrated makes it very economical
  • greenO clean® is biodegradable and because of that it is very environmentally desirable. The product has been tested and approved to be discharged into drains, purifying plants and into the sea or lakes (please check with your local water authority). For the same reason greenO clean® can be used for all kinds of cleaning situations with a clear conscience. Also the low dosage helps take care of our environment


  • Machines, motors and parts
  • Workshops and factory floors and walls
  • Steam cleaning and metal degreasing plants
  • Manual cleaning, dipping and soaking
  • Cars, trucks, buses, trains and ships
  • Off-shore drilling rigs
  • Equipment in food and graphic industries
  • Windows and glass
  • Size: 5L