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iVisi Lens Cleaner - 21 x 100ml Sprayer

Code: IV1100
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  • Especially for antiscratch-coated safety goggles, visors, safety hoods and hard coated optical glasses
  • Police - use for ballistic helmets
  • Military - many different uses, NATO No. 6850-12-193-1250
  • Fire Brigade - for clear visibility on panes of protection suits
  • International Lens Manufacturer - confirms the long lasting antimisting effect on glass
  • Major Opticians - confi rm that anti-reflexed and coloured glasses will not be damaged by iVisi™
  • Hygiene Institute - gave iVisi™ a certification of harmlessness for use
  • Testing Institute - found iVisi™ to be the best anti misting product out of 20 tested. Mines Research Centre - confirmed positive results in underground conditions
  • 100ml industrial sprayer
  • Pack of 21 bottles