CafeCrush - Reducing waste volume & collection costs

CafeCrush - Vastly reducing your Waste Volume & Collection Costs

Huge volumes of waste require an effective waste management system. Reduction of volume and waste segregation are the first steps to implementing an efficient recycling scheme

Reduce the amount of bin emptying per day, save time and labour

  • Reduce your waste volume by up to 90%
  • Reduce the handling, storage and transportation of waste
  • Reduce the amount of bin collections from your site

Increase waste segregation

  • Graphics encourage staff to recycle
  • Improve the consistency of your recycled waste
  • Easy to use and dispose of waste correctly

Keep your workplace clean, tidy and productive

  • Slim & elegant design saves space & fits into any environment
  • Promote your recycling message or company brand
  • Personalised graphics on 3 sides of machines – you choose
  • Robust structure. Internal parts are made of highly durable stainless steel
"The amount we are recycling has gone up by 100%. There is no more sieving through the general waste bags to get the cans, cups and bottles out.
CafeCruch have also helped the environment, as we have reduced the amount of black refuse bags we use"
Corinne Williams
Pladis Global (Jacobs Bakery) 

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