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Fork-lift trucks tracking mud, water, dirt and dust around your venue?

Fork-lift trucks are a neccessity in most warehouses and factories. Often in and out of doors, they can unfortunately be a easy source of contamination in certain settings. Black tyre dust, micro-particles, as well as normal dirt and grime clings to the wheels and unfortunately travels everywhere your truck does too!

Cleaning trucks is time-consuming, and takes effort and elbow grease. Cut down on your water wastage and copious cleaning chemicals by installing a a fully automatic clean floor system from Profilgate.  

The Profilgate System sits directly in your entrance way, so your fork-lift trucks drive over it’s patented brush strips automatically.

ProfilGate cleans and captures dirt, tyre dust, foreign objects and moisture automatically, with no motors or electricity required.

The brush heads give a highly effective brushing action against the wheels, removing black dust, mud, grime and dirt with no effort from your staff.  

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