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Cosmetics company Beiersdorf rolled out the Hanzl eco hand towel system at their Birmingham distribution centre.  Introduction the system meant that they massively reduced the number of hand towels used by the staff, compared to the traditional centrefeed system.  This in turn led to a significant reduction in costs, and in the time spent refilling the dispensers.  However for Beiersdorf, a company very focussed on sustainability and the environment, the main benefit was the massive reduction in wasted hand towels, and therefore the reduction in waste sent to landfill.  In addition to this was the reduced environmental impact of the hand towels themselves; as the rolls are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and are not chemically bleached in any way, they make a significant contribution to reducing Beiersdorf’s carbon footprint.

The hand towel dispensers seem to be great, there have been no complaints and we are saving lots of paper and wasted hand towels.  Used to order 15 packs of the old hand towels every 6/8 weeks. Now buying 2 packs of Eco rolls every 6 weeks!

Amriene, Sustainability Manager