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We wanted you to know we are still open as usual, and can be contacted by email, phone or even video chat, and we are still shipping orders 5 days a week from our warehouse. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain! Our team are keen to adapt and rise to this new challenge with positivity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

While we have your attention, you may find our hygiene brochure particularly useful for your business at this time. Now in the face of covid-19, business hygiene and sanitization matters more than ever, and is a great time to review how germ free your bathrooms, kitchens etc are.
In fact, here are some helpful points on why our touch-free paper towel dispensers may be ideal for your workplace, rather than bacteria-spreading hand driers:

✔️The NHS are recommending the use of paper towels to thoroughly dry your hands. Leaving hands slightly damp can allow bacteria to multiply.

✔️Reduce cross contamination. Simply pull the paper towel down and it auto-cuts you a sheet of paper towel, so you don’t have to touch anything but the actual paper towel you are going to use

✔️Super Economical and High absorbency – only 2 hand towels needed to dry hands

✔️Dispenser comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Want to learn more? Read our article here.


Or how about considering using our amazing
longopac continuous liner system for a much more hygienic
bin-changing method.

Whatever your needs, we look forward to providing you with the solutions you are looking for, any questions please feel free to contact us!


The team at Unisan Ltd