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How much does a bespoke recycling bin station cost?

The answer is that it depends.  However, our bespoke recycling stations typically cost between £2,000 and £3,500 per station.  As these recycling bin stations are completely bespoke to each customer’s requirements it’s difficult to give an exact cost as the design, materials, signage etc can vary so much.  In this article, we’ll go into as much detail as possible and try to give you a good idea of how much your bespoke recycling station is likely to cost.

Please note that these bespoke recycling bin stations aren’t the only solutions we offer.  See below for a selection of other recycling station options at different price points, or click here for our full range of bins.

Multi-Bin Recycling Stations (£395-£800)

Adapt Recycling Bins (£250-£415)

Agile Recycling Bins (£35-£60)

What affects the price of a Bespoke Recycling Bin Station?

There are 5 main factors that will affect the price of a bespoke recycling station:

Number of waste streams

The biggest factor is obviously the size of the station and capacity of the waste streams required.  In simple terms, every extra waste stream added is another unit added to the station, so the more waste streams you add in, the more expensive your station will be. Also, the larger the volume required, the bigger the recycling station will need to be increasing the price. Some of our customers have chosen double-sided recycling stations too so they have access from both sides in high footfall areas – this naturally increases the cost.

How involved the positioning and install of the recycling station is

Most of the recycling stations we install sit up against a flat wall and there is plenty of space available. However, where space is very limited but the customer still wants several waste streams, or if the customer needs the recycling stations built around a pillar, a more intricate design and build is required. This in turn often increases the price due to extra design time, build costs and install time & labour.

Type of materials and finishes

We offer stations in a range of different materials to match the current interior design of our customers’ facilities, with different grades of processed wood and laminates available for the carcass and the doors of the units.  We also offer a range of materials for the worktop, from reclaimed materials to laminated birch plywood to solid surface Corian.  The materials you select will affect the overall price of your station.

Components included in the station

We offer a range of components for your station – liquid collection system, waste stream lids, wheels, stainless steel waste chutes, cup collection system, condiments unit, tray stack unit, etc.  These will obviously also affect the overall price.  So a recycling station with simple waste stream chutes will cost significantly less than one with liquid & cup collection and stainless steel lids on all the waste streams.

Signage options

The signage options you choose for your recycling station can also affect the overall cost.  Most of our stations are supplied with a signage backboard with clear graphics to indicate what waste goes in which waste aperture.  However, this backboard can be any height you want (up to 800mm high) and there is a massive range of options when it comes to signage.  We can also supply graphics on the doors, or around the waste streams on the worktop.  We can provide clear perspex boxes to display examples of the waste streams or router the waste streams into the backboard to create a more permanent finish than vinyl graphics. We can supply addition signage for the environment around the station, such as on the wall behind the station, mounted on a frame around the station or even hanging from the ceiling.

Where do these stations sit in terms of price?

You can always find a cheaper supplier of recycling bins and recycling stations somewhere and this isn’t what we focus on. Our focus is to provide bespoke solutions and innovative ideas to actually solve our customers’ challenges once we have listened carefully to their exact requirements. We offer tailored solutions with site surveys and bespoke design services to ensure our clients get true value in return for their investment.

You could create a recycling station out of individual plastic recycling bins and we have a range of solutions that fit into a lower price bracket – you can check them out here.  However, many of our customers have tried these individual bins and not found them very effective, so are now looking for a bespoke solution with clearer signage that looks like a piece of furniture, matches their interior design and keeps all waste streams in one place. Our bespoke recycling stations are at the top end of the price range for a recycling station – but as with most things, you get what you pay for.

We have a deep supply chain built over many years of creating bespoke recycling solutions and a wealth of experience from working with 100’s of projects & facilities.  We have focused and worked hard to reduce the costs of our recycling station components and as we now have large volumes and economies of scale we can bring the overall cost down. We focus on recycling stations rather than offering a broad range of joinery solutions which means that we can learn quickly and standardise processes to constantly get better at how we design, manufacture and deliver these projects.

We take the hassle out of the process for you. You might be able to make up a recycling station by going to a joinery supply company and getting all the fixings, components, materials, graphics to assemble yourself. However, if you haven’t done this before and if you truly value your time it is possible that mistakes will be made and you could waste a lot of time and money. We have experience of making this work for many clients and can make this happen seamlessly and efficiently, saving you the hassle and distraction from your core business and main job role.

Please bear in mind that the options outlined in this article are only a guide and examples of what we have done for others.  These stations truly are bespoke, so whatever your requirements are we will work very hard to create a solution to meet them!  For more information contact us and one of our team will be in touch with you very soon.  Also, for a quick guide on the best way to configure your new recycling station, click here.

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