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Ultimate recycling efficiency – in any situation

Conceal the Longopac system anywhere with a Flex unit.  Retro-fit into existing recycling cabinets or slide out of the way under the worktop – the Longopac flex system will ensure optimum efficiency without compromising aesthetics or space.

Ultimate recycling efficiency - in any situation

The unique runner system allows the Longopac system to be fitted into any cabinet recycling station – new or existing.  The Longopac liner holder is fitted to adjustable runners, allowing it to perfectly fit into any space.

Don't compromise on recycling - even when there's no room

Slide your waste away under the worktop – so you don’t have to lose out on recycling efficiency even in the tightest spaces.

Suitable for commercial kitchens, staff canteens, and even warehouse packing benches.

Slide perfectly into any space

Each unit is fully adjustable, ensuring that it can fit perfectly into any size space, from 279mm to 606mm.