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A design-led approach to recycling

Your recycling deserves better than a humble waste bin.  Office designs keep getting more impressive, but recycling solutions have been left far behind in these design improvements. 

At Unisan we change all that.  Our bespoke solutions focus on design, so that they’re not only highly effective, but they look great in your workplace.

Make doing the right thing easy

Recycling shouldn’t be a headache for your staff.  Our solutions focus on making it as easy and engaging as possible.

Through effective signage, you can clearly communicate with your staff where to put their waste with just a brief glance.  This not only makes it easier for them – it increases your recycling rates as well.

Made for your recycling needs

Every workspace has different recycling needs.  That’s why every recycling station we make is unique.  We’ll create the station that’s right for you and no-one else – with the right waste streams, the right signage, and the right designs.

Need a double-sided station?  Short on space?  Need 6 different waste streams?  No problem – we’ll create a station that’s just right for your office.

Save time and money on recycling

Most of our recycling stations are fitted with the Longopac continuous liner system, proven to save on labour and waste collection costs, as well decreasing plastic usage by up to 70%.

Each liner only takes 20 seconds to change and the next liner is always there ready to go, which can cut your time spent emptying bins by 38%!

Show your organisation's commitment to recycling

A strikingly-designed recycling station made specially for your office is the ideal way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to recycling and the organisation’s CSR.  It clearly shows to staff and stakeholders alike that your brand cares about recycling and the environment, and are going the extra mile to make a difference.

Needing inspiration?

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