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Jumbo Bag Holder System - 1400L

Code: WB8597
  • Ideal for use in warehouses, packing lines, production areas
  • Use to collect waste plastic film, polystyrene, bottles etc
  • Sturdy and strong bag holders – simple to assemble & lightweight to move
  • Wheel sets available for bag holders
  • 1400L holder is designed to be used around a pallet

Benefits to you…

  • Low investment cost to start using the system
  • Saves you time – ideal for very busy workplaces
  • Helps save money - reduces amount of general waste bin collections
  • Helps make money – bale and sell your plastic waste
  • Very quick and easy to use – large opening to throw the waste in
  •  Size - 980 x 1280 x 1150mm
  •  Capacity - 1400L






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