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Chemical Heavyweight Spill Absorbent Perforated Rolls


Code: CH9013 Category:
  • Special absorbents for aggressive and non-aggressive liquids such as acids, solvents, oils and caustics
  • Yellow in colour for instant visual recognition that hazardous substances are being absorbed and to avoid improper use
  • Suitable for applications from large chemical spills to cleaning up small, everyday, benchtop spills
  • Our chemical spill absorbent rolls are ideal for laboratories, chemical storage plants, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries
  • Specially treated to ensure that they do not degrade upon contact with aggressive, corrosive and concentrated liquids
  • Check out our full range of spill control and containment here
Technical Specification
Code: CH9013
  • Dimensions: 500mm x 40m
  • Pack of 2 rolls
Code: CH9013 Category:

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