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Hanzl Decoro Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Station

  • Touch Free Hygienic Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser Station from our hanzl sanitiser station range
  • Dimensions: 380x890x282mm
  • Hanzl Hand Sanitiser Stations are sleek, hygienic and ingenious combining luxury, durable solid surfaces with antibacterial properties.
  • Hygienic Touch-free operation removes the need for hand contact & slows down the spread of germs & viruses.
  • Perfect for airports, hotels, bars & restaurants, shops, offices, public spaces, museums, all events, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, shopping centres, entertainment and more venues
  • Compatible with ethanol, IPA isopropyl alcohol - up to 80% and Alcogel hand sanitiser
  • Large 10 Litre capacity (2 x 5L) makes it ideal for high footfall areas.
  • For use with 5 Litre bottles of sanitiser (purchase separately here)
  • ‘SANITISE YOUR HANDS’ Signage applied as a vinyl graphics to the front panel.
  • Can be fixed to the floor for security
  • Materials: The front panel is constructed in white V-korr thermoformed anti-bacterial Solid Surface to help stop the spread of virus - The design is sleek and easy to keep clean. For the sides of the station there are 4 wood finish options to choose from, in Egger MFC (Melamine): Light Oak, Lava Grey, Light Lakeland Acacia, Natural Dijon Walnut
  • HOW IT WORKS? Non-contact, portable and automatic. The hand sanitiser is powered by an infared sensor.
  • The hand sanitiser automatically dispenses a predefined amount of hand sanitiser when users place a hand within reach of the sensor.
  • Power supply from 9V battery (can be supplied from the mains for places with high traffic density)
  • Includes waste liquid drain



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