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CleanTrax Neptun Heavy Duty Sole Cleaning Machine


The Sole cleaning system, that fits your needs

  • This industry-sole cleaning system Neptun SCS1 (Sole Cleaning System1), working as a lock solution, generates highest efficiency in the smallest space and simply and effectively cleans heavily soiled soles.
  • Its compact size fits small and large passages and, however, cannot be avoided, due to its length.
  • The control unit is mounted separately on a wall and is thus outside the wet and dirty area.
  • For cleaning purposes or removal of the long roller brushes, the walk-on-grate can easily be opened. Many users keep a second set of brushes on hand to minimize the downtime while cleaning the brushes.
  • Rough dirt particles are collected in a stainless steel sieve and can easily be disposed of.
  • The system has two light barriers, one at the entrance and one at the exit. After crossing the light barrier the nylon brushes automatically start rotating and sanitizing detergent is being introduced, if needed. The runtime is individually adjustable
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 141,5 x 83,5 x 116,5 cm
  • Construction 304 INOX stainless steel, matt finish
  • Brush type: 2 horizontal brushes for cleaning the soles
  • Detergent injector with regulation: 0,2-9,3%
  • Advised water pressure 3 bars
  • Max. water temp: 5 - 50°C
  • Water flow rate: 7 l/min
  • Power supply: 400 Volt, 0,80 kw
  • Electrical supply: Wall fixed control cabinet