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Hanzl Advanced Soy Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner – Pack of 4 x 4L


Code: FT2020 Category:
  • Environmentally friendly hand cleaner for very heavy soiling
  • This heavy duty hand cleaner is great for removing industrial soiling like oil, grease, inks and general grime
  • New innovative Soy-Based “Green” formula
  • Can be used without water
  • Contains 100% natural volcanic pumice scrubbers for deep cleaning
  • Ten premium skin conditioners
  • Fresh Rain Forest fragrance – suitable for normal skin
  • 4L Refill Tank – Use with Hanzl FT5000 dispenser
Technical Specification
Code: FT2020
  • Capacity: Pack of 4 x 4L Refills
Code: FT2020 Category:

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