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Hanzl STOP IT Skin Protection Cream refills – 6 x 1.6L

  • Wash off hand protection system for dry work
  • Works like an invisible glove
  • Helps to protect against oil, grease, solvents, paints, glues, resins, alkalis, tar, varnishes, adhesives, graphite, silicones, worktop grime and almost any substance that is not water based
  • Silicone free - can be used in paint shops
  • Helps prevent rough, dry chapped skin
  • Simply wash off with water after working, very little or no hand cleaner is necessary
  • Helps to reduce skin disease by washing easier and quicker, saving water and using less soap
  • 1.6L dispenser refill
  • Pack Qty: 12 x 1.6L


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