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greenO clean Plus all-purpose detergent - 10L

Code: GR6511
£16.00 (Ex-VAT)
  • An extremely environmentally friendly, economic and efficient cleaner with natural soap for use in floor cleaning machines and high pressure parts washers/cleaning machines. Low foaming additive for removing stubborn stains of oil, grease, soot and lubricants in industrial and workshop areas
  • Multiple uses. Expertly cleans workshop floors, engines, wheels, chassis and all alkaline-resistant surfaces
  • Suitable for automated floor cleaning. Also for surface and parts cleaning with high pressure cleaners. Ideal for soaking oily or dirty parts. Can be used in mop buckets for floor cleaning
  • High level of active ingredients promotes rapid streak-free drying of the cleaned surfaces. Can be used up to 80oC
  • Has rapid separating characteristics and does not influence oil separation systems
  • Size: 10L