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Longopac Mini Liner Refills

Code: LS8030
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Longopac Mini Liner Refill

£17.9 (Ex-VAT)
  • For the Longopac Stand Mini 
  • Ultra strong 3-ply polyethylene ensures low bag usage
  • Variable bag size always ensures bags are 100% full
  • Compact packages - refill is smaller than a shoe box, means lower transport costs!
  • The bag material is much stronger and thinner than traditional waste bags
  • Each liner refill pack comes with 1 pack of clip ties
  • 6 different colour liners available
  • Strength / Size: Standard (60m) or strong (45m).   

New Addition:

  • 100% biodegradable liners now available.   Strength / Size:  Standard (40m)

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