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Longopac Mini Super Strong Liner Refills, Pack of 4 (For Dust Collection/ Dust Extractors)

  • Longopac mini liner refills in transparent, super strong strength, 23 metres of refill liner. Pack of 4 x 23m liner refills.
  • Suitable for many models of dust extractors that have integrated Longopac as dust collection bags
  • Using the Longopac liner system on your floor grinder/ dust extractor gives a unique dust free bag replacement therefore allowing the user to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming shutdowns.
  • Ideal for places where large quantities of dust are handled.
  • The Longopac bagging system is ideal as a continuous bagging system for industrial vacuums, dust extractors and cyclones. Our continuous liner system also affords the advantage of replacing a bag in a completely sealed and dust-free manner.
  • Using Longopac as your bagging system will improve your working environment and reduce the need for cleaning.
  • The liners 3 layer plastic film has an extreme strength and we can guarantee the strength measured in Dart drop for 2 years.
  • Longopac Mini Super-Strong: Flat width 560 mm, Diameter=357mm, can be up to 23 meters.
  • Longopac is a well proven system for dust-free collection
  • Food and pharma contact approved



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