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Perforated Maintenance Spill Absorbent Pad Rolls


Code: MT8014 Category:
  • These are very versatile spill absorbent pads. The rolls can be used:
  • To roll out on walkways and large areas to catch leaks and overspray
  • To line toolboxes and maintain clean work stations, surfaces and equipment
  • To lay beneath anti-slip/anti-fatigue matting, helps prevent slips
  • For general wiping and absorbing spills
  • To help improve your housekeeping and keep your facility clean
  • The rolls are perforated and easy to dispense. They are an efficient and cost effective method for absorbing spills
  • Check out our full range of spill control and containment here
Technical Specification
Code: MT8014
  • Pack of 2 rolls
  • Roll Dimensions: 500mm x 40m
Code: MT8014 Category:

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