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ODEL Odour Eliminator – 12 x 1L

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Pack includes 12 x 240ml finger spray bottles
Ideal for areas where you have easy access for cleaning
Eliminates pungent odours from flatulence, urine, faeces, sweat, vomit, rotting food, mildew, smoke, soiled laundry and replaces them with a superb aroma
Used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, clinics, hotels, vets, offices, vehicles, boats, bedpans and portable toilets etc
Stops wet floor odours from smelly mops
Use in carpet cleaning machines, mop buckets and on general surfaces to create a fragrant and fresh ambience
Easy to use, safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
Odel Odour control products are made with naturally occurring essential oils from nature with eco-friendly binders (surfactants).
The Odel products have no undesirable effects on the environment as the ingredients readily bio-degrade


Technical Specification

Code: OD5510


Code: OD5510 Categories: ,