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Rodent Repeller - Pest Control Deterrent

Code: PC6005
£221.00 (Ex-VAT)
  • Traditional poisons can create rodent ‘cemeteries’ and health risks within roof spaces, cavities or drains by the rodent dying in areas that are not easy to access. The dead rodents then cause extremely foul odours as they take weeks or months to slowly decay! Rodents can carry and cause diseases which can be passed on to humans with possible terrible and life threatening effects!
  • The answer to your problems is to try to stop the rodent from entering the property or sensitive area, or if they are already in the property to make the area very undesirable for them to stay. This is where the Rodent Repeller™ comes into its’ own! It is specially designed to prevent and disperse rodent infestation in confined spaces such as suspended ceilings/attics, floating floors, cellars, ducting, electrical cupboards/panels and food areas etc
  • Using patented technology the transducer emits vibrations at a uniform level of acoustic pressure. These signals propagate through the air shaping an acoustic pressure cone which has a vertex angle of 60°, and are reflected by non-sound absorbing solid bodies found in their path. The signals are able to give a protection of up to 8 metres from the emission point
  • The acoustic pressure cone across the effective area affects the rodents by altering their sense of orientation through their hypersensitive sense of hearing. This makes the device a superb weapon against unwanted pests and is a clean and humane way of dealing with what is sometimes a huge problem, if the animals are left to multiply!
  • Helps protect your property and wiring
  • Helps reduce the risk of disease and infections
  • Can be used in very harsh weather conditions (IP66 rated)
  • Very simple to install in small confined areas
  • Low cost usage due to low voltage requirements
  • Constant efficiency – guaranteed for 3 years
  • Very durable brass emitter for long life service
  • Less expensive and more humane than a cat!
  • Could help save your reputation and less chance of litigation – no manufacturer wants a dead mouse in their product!