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PRODEL Odour Eliminator


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  • Pack of 12 1l flip-top bottles
  • Eliminates extreme odours arising from malodorous wounds, decaying matter, sanitary bins etc
  • Extremely powerful odour control for hospitals, hospices, post mortem departments, A&E areas, disaster areas
  • Ultimate odour control in hot climate conditions
  • Easy to use, safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Odel Odour control products are made with naturally occurring essential oils from nature with eco-friendly binders (surfactants).
  • The Odel products have no undesirable effects on the environment as the ingredients readily bio-degrade
Technical Specification
Code: OD5530
  • Capacity: 12 x 1 Litre bottles
Code: OD5530 Category: Tag:

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