Reverse Vending Machines for plastic bottles, cups and cans

CafeCrush™ - Supports Corporate Sustainability

  • Exceed your stakeholder's expectations and be seen to be doing the right thing
  • Demonstrate your commitment to achieving environmental sustainability goals
  • Help reduce the amount of plastic used and plastic waste being littered onto our streets and in our rivers and oceans
  • Real-time reporting helps businesses set recycling targets and demonstrate the effectiveness of their recycling initiatives
  • Ticket incentive options allow businesses to motivate their workforce to make the right choice

CafeCrush™ - Providing the first reverse vending machine in a UK Motorway Service Station

Reverse Vending CafeCrush


CafeCrush™ - Reduce The Volume Of Your Waste by 90% 

  • Reduce the amount of bin emptying per day, save time and labour
  • Overflowing bins - unhygienic, cluttered workplace
  • Increased labour costs - emptying overflowing bins
  • Increased in waste collection costs
  • Increase in the space allocated for your waste

Why CafeCrush™

  • Save time and labour - fewer bins to empty
  • Save on cleaning costs - uncluttered workspace
  • Save waste collection costs
  • Save waste storage space
  • How much does CafeCrush™ cost?

Keep Your Workplace Clean, Tidy And Productive

  • Slim & elegant design saves space & fits anywhere
  • Promote your recycling message or company brand
  • Create your very own bottle. can and cup incentivised return scheme to encourage recycling and correct waste separation
  • Choose personalised graphics on 3 sides of machines
  • Robust structure - Internal parts are made of highly durable stainless steel

As featured in The Times

"Our aims are simple - to make it easier for motorists to do the right thing and recycle their empty bottles and coffee cups, and to promote a culture where littering is not accepted"  Rory Love, chairman of Kent Resource Partnerships   #drivedownlitter


Reverse Vending Machines | Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine


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