Support your corporate sustainability goals, reduce your carbon footprint and save on waste management costs with Longopac

Longopac - Saves You Money

  • Bags are always 100% full - no bag wastage
  • No more double-bagging - strong enough for any load (3ply virgin plastic)
  • Improve productivity and reduce downtime
  • Reduces waste collection costs - the maxi will hold 166% more volume than a standard bin liner!

Longopac - Saves You Time

  • Quick to load - It's tilted head makes it easy to throw waste in from a large working area
  • Quick to empty - Literally, less than 30 seconds
  • Quick to reline - Its continuous liner (up to 110m) is always on hand and easy to pull down. In less than 30 seconds, you're ready to go again

Longopac - Keeps You Clean

  • Easy to keep clean with minimal surface area to catch bacteria
  • Any spillages around the top are collected by the next bag when the liner is pulled through
  • The bin is re-lined by touching the outside of the liner - no contact with waste
  • No more overflowing bins!

Longopac - Keeps You Safe

  • No more overflowing bins - removes germs & bacteria from around the top of the bin
  • No more overflowing bins - reduces risk of slip
  • Reduce injury - bins emptied from the side, not the top

How much quicker is the Longopac system?

“We currently have a drive for zero land-fill from our waste streams and the Longopac bin has proven an excellent tool to help increase our recycling rates. We found them very beneficial. Manufacturing Manager - Global Car Manufacturer
“We are also using the Longopac bins on the line for labels, general waste and oily rags. These are great bins as they don’t require individual bin liners, the liner is continuous, reducing liner wastage too... " - Environment Manager - Global Drink Manufacturer


How to load How to empty

Longopac - Helps Save The Planet Too

  • Reduce your CO2 waste bag footprint by up to 70%
  • Strong continuous liner bags, reduces splitting, reduces bag wastage
  • By design, bags are always 100% full - no bag wastage
  • Independent lifecycle analysis confirms Longopac bag liners account for just one-tenth of the carbon released compared to ordinary waste bags
  • Bio-degradable bags also available 


Longopac - the endlessly clever continuous liner system.  Helps reduce your carbon footprint

Longopac - the endlessly clever continuous liner

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Mini Grab Lid For Longopac bag system

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Longopac Maxi Bag Retainer

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