Shadow boards

Improve segregation, allergen and speciation control in your factory with colour coded 5S shadow boards from UnisanUK.

• Custom shadow boards help to implement 5S and LEAN principles.
• Promote a culture of care and ownership.
• Reduce risk of non-conformance issues arising from housekeeping audits.
• No more wasted time or money searching for lost or damaged equipment.
• Correct storage and colour coding on Shadow Hygiene Boards minimises the risk of cross-contamination, tools and utensils going missing, prematurely ageing or getting damaged.

Our solutions include:

• Anti-bacterial shadow board material.
• Di-bond Aluminium board with direct print, including company logo.
• Headings, serial numbers and product codes for easy use.
• Anti-scuff laminate for extra protection.
• Instruction messages to support correct usage and storage.
• Static and mobile stainless steel frames.
• Revolutionary through-board hooks.
• 3D lift-clear hanging system.


Unisan UK | Shadow Hygiene Board

Unisan UK | Shadow Hygiene Board

Shadowboards for 5S lean improvements

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