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Granta Processors offers industry-leading processing of grains, pulses and seeds to the highest standards typically required by supermarkets and food producers in the UK.

To maintain hygienic conditions of a new epoxy resin floor at Granta Processors, Whittlesford’s premises – which imports seeds and pulses – an automatic wheels cleaning system was installed.

The ProfilGate system from Unisan was installed on the main warehouse entrance where forklift trucks are constantly entering from outside. It has proved successful in keeping the new resin floor clean and protected – in fact in the first seven days of operation 4.46KG of dirt was removed and contained within the collection trays, equivalent to 232KG a year.  

ProfilGate trusted by Granta Processors ProfilGate, as trusted by Granta Processors


“We have noticed that the floor stays a lot cleaner and is far easier to clean,” says Granta Processors’ director Geoffrey Marsh. “This will undoubtedly provide an excellent return on investment over the coming year”.      


The ProfilGate system controls the ingress of dirt, debris and moisture entering a facility and is proven to improve health and safety by reducing the probability fork lift truck and pedestrian slips, reduce particulate contamination/airborne dust and dramatically reduce the cost of cleaning.    

ProfilGate is also trusted by major UK Food & Drink manufacturers such as:  Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Wrigley’s, Mondalez, Cadbury Schweppes, Weetabix, Greencore, Giles Foods, Greggs, Thorntons, Warburtons, KP Snacks, United Biscuits, Pukka Pies, Premier Foods.

At Unisan UK, we sell the concept of sustainability insurance. We know people want to do the right thing, so why make it hard. We make recycling and hygiene in the workplace easy and cost-effective.