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Don't waste valuable production time

Work on a production line can’t afford to be held up by inefficient waste management systems. There’s no need to waste a second when there’s proper systems in place – we’ll help you set up a system that will both save you time and increase recycling rates on the production line.

Learn more about the Longopac continuous liner system

Easily handle any waste volume

There’s no need to take up valuable production space simply to store packaging waste. Remove the headache from high-volume waste management with our solutions designed specially for these scenarios.

Learn more about our Jumbo bag holder system

Recycle correctly - whatever the environment

Don’t let extreme environments get in the way of your recycling progress. Our range of solutions are suitable for every part of your production line – without compromising on recycling excellence!

Check out our full range of industrial bins

Eliminate dirt and dust at source with the ProfilGate brush cleaning system

Check out our ProfilGate footwear & wheel cleaning system – a unique solution for automatically preventing unnecessary dirt, debris, dust & wet entering your facility on the wheels of material handling devices and the soles of footwear.

Learn more about ProfilGate

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