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what is the best 3 compartment bin

We have created some beautiful and functional 3 compartment recycling bins for offices like Microsoft, Adidas, Cocacola, Liverpool FC and more. Recycling stations can vary a lot according to your business type. Waste streams to include in your 3 compartment recycling bins depends entirely on what waste your business produces, but a common configuration is dry mixed recycling, general waste and food waste. So, what is the best 3 compartment recycling bin?

Below I will go through some leading options on the market and provide an honest review.

The Unisan Multi-bin long held the title for the ‘best 3 compartment recycling bin‘. You only need to ask some of the many companies who have installed these in their offices (Red Bull, Estee Lauder, HSBC, Santander) how much their recycling rates transformed since introducing them, and how their customised clear signage helped their staff do the right thing and recycle correctly. However, the new ‘Aspire3 compartment recycling bin is a similar design but with a ‘flat top’, is quickly taking over the Multi-bin in popularity.

The Multi-bin

The Multi-Bin Recycling Station can be tailored to your specific recycling needs to make it easy as possible for your staff to recycle, and to reach the best possible recycling rates. With options for custom waste streams, custom signage, and even custom finishes, you can truly make your Multi-Bin your own!

All Multi-Bins are fitted with the Longopac continuous liner system – a unique system you would never find in a recycling bin elsewhere, proven to save on labour and waste collection costs, as well decreasing plastic usage by up to 70%. Each Longopac liner only takes 20 seconds to change and the next liner is always there ready to go, which can cut your time spent emptying bins by 38%! Saving time and money on recycling is easy with this bin from Unisan.

The compact design of the Multi-Bin means if you don’t have room in your office or break-out area for a big bulbous recycling station, don’t worry. The Multi-Bin will fit into almost any office space, without compromising on recycling excellence or quality & design – so you can obtain the best possible recycling rates and make office recycling easy, however limited your space may be.

The Multi-Bin 3 compartment recycling bin is not only the most stunning looking recycling station on the market, but also really makes recycling easier and more engaging for your staff and reduces waste contamination. Plus, the Longopac continuous liner system will give you significant cost-in-use benefits, reducing the time spent emptying bins and bin liner usage.


  • Sloped worktop for increased user visibility
  • Plywood worktop, 18mm MDF structure
  • Abrasion, impact and scratch resistant
  • Food safe and hygienic
  • Antibacterial surface property in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801)
  • Equipped with our Longopac continuous liner system
  • 60-70 Litre capacity per waste stream
  • Lift up worktop and open door for easy reline and bag changes
  • Options of 2, 3, 4 or 5 waste streams
  • Cost: Depending on how you customize your 3 compartment recycling bin, prices start from about £478.00 +vat. Email to get an accurate price.

office recycling bins and office waste bins

office recycling bin for large corporate offices

office recycling bin with 3 compartments including food waste bespoke recycling station unisan
unisan multibin best 3 compartment recycling station customisation

The Aspire bin

The stylish, sleek and simple aspire recycling station has clear, easy to read signage, which is of course customisable. You have the opportunity to perfectly match your interior design, with many finishes available. Some clients want specific colours, graphics and finishes to match their office design, break out facilities or kitchens. Unisan help with a broad range of options.
People will typically take the path of least resistance (the easiest option). Unisan can help make correct recycling and segregation easy at work by offering super clear signage with colour coding. Unlike other recycling bin suppliers on the market, Unisan has in-house designers to help you visualise the right station for your company, before you make the investment.

Unisan even created a recycling station for Microsoft with QR codes on each waste stream, so that people can scan each waste stream to find out more on the recycling journey.

The best 3 compartment recycling bin has to be the Aspire. It also includes the Longopac continuous liner bin, helping you reduce plastic, save time and money. For the full range, click here to see the brochure.


  • 18mm MFC structure
  • Abrasion, impact and scratch resistant
  • Food safe and hygienic
  • Antibacterial surface property in accordance with ISO 22196 (=JIS Z 2801)
  • Equipped with our Longopac Continuous Liner System
  • 60-70L Capacity per waste stream
  • Lift up worktop & open door for easy reline & bag changes
  • Mini (730mm height) or Standard (900mm height) available
  • Cost: Depending on how you customize your 3 compartment recycling bin, prices start from about £420.00 +vat. Email to get an accurate price.

aspire centralised office recycling bin station multi bin recycling station for mixed recycling in boardroom recycling bin station with colourful graphics

stylish and modern office recycling bins and office waste bins for office and canteen areas
aspire bin the best 3 compartment recycling bin with bespoke options

The Glasdon Nexus Bin.

The durability of the Nexus Recycling Bin makes it a popular choice for classrooms and offices. However will it work, increasing engagement in recycling rates? The Nexus bins are ugly and bulbous, and the signage tends to get lost within this. Unclear signage means people may make the wrong decision in their split second at the bin, and put recyclables in the wrong stream, causing contamination or lower recycling rates.

The negative side of placing individual bins side by side to create a ‘3 compartment recycling bin’ means they can get moved around and muddled up, like the below example. This looks messy, unattractive and really confusing and unengaging. Many clients we work with start off with an unsuccessful bin station like this, and are amazed how much their recycling rates transform when they make the move towards Unisan Multi-Bins.

There are many different options of sizes / capacities for the Glasdon Nexus bins. One of the most common is the 100 Litre, which prices start at £554 + vat for 3 (to create a 3 compartment recycling bin). The Glasdon Nexus Bins are only available in a standard range, in the grey colour – unfortunately these do not fit in with many offices interior design, so can look unpleasant in a state of the art office space.

3 compartment recycling bins
glasdon nexus bin glasdon nexus bin

Meridian Envirobin 110: Triple

The Meridian Envirobin is only available with a black base, so will not fit in with everyone’s interior design. This bin has a poster like sign, which although clear, is raised and not close to the actual waste stream where the waste is placed, which could result in people putting waste in the wrong stream. Also there are labels on the top of the bin, but they are placed at the back of the bin apertures, rather than the front, meaning they could easily be missed.

The Meridian Envirobin 110 combines 33 litres, 44 litres and either 33 litres of chosen waste or 9.5 litres of liquids with a narrow footprint allowing it to fit comfortably in corridor space. A key benefit of the Meridian range is the flexible and adaptable format of the apertures, offering single or multiple waste stream collections; single (100%), double (70/30%) or triple (30/40/30%). Prices for this 3 compartment bin start at £268.42 +vat.

bad amenities recycling

leaf field meridian envirobin 110


To summarize, the main things the Glasdon Nexus bin and the Meridian Envirobin are missing out on is that they are not aesthetically pleasing, and signage is not clear and not customisable to suit your companies requirements. The best type of signage mirrors your movements – walking up to the bin you see the bold signage on the front, getting closer you see the backboard explaining which waste goes where, then once you are about to place your waste in the bin, you see the graphic on the top of the bin in front of the hole. Repeating the visual messaging 3 times gives minimum chance of missing this. The Unisan Aspire recycling station, and the Multi-Bin truly represent the future of recycling. Nowadays office designs are becoming more and more impressive, and up until now the recycling bins just did not reflect the office aesthetics. Now you can have a sleek, stylish design, with a custom backboard and signage, to really encourage your staff to buy into your recycling program, and ultimately help your companies sustainability goals.

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