Making Recycling and Hygiene At Work Easy and Cost-Effective

At Unisan UK, we provide game-changing solutions that help our customers to think differently about recycling & hygiene at work and ensure it is easy for them to make the right choice.

We are the recycling solutions supplier of choice for over 1,000 major UK brands, from within the Food & Drink Manufacturing, Hospitals & Care Homes, Distribution Centres through to the Corporate Facilities Industry.  


Longopac Continuous Liner Bins

The endlessly clever continuous liner system. Reduce waste - save costs.

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Bins & Waste Recycling

Helping to reduce the cost of waste. Boost your corporate social responsibility.

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ProfilGate - Entrance Matting Cleaning System

Remove dirt, debris and moisture contamination at source

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We make hygiene at work easy and cost-effective.

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ProfilGate - Fork Truck Tyre & Footwear Cleaning System

  • Removes contamination at source
  • Proven to collect over 23kgs of dirt per week
  • Helps to achieve quality, safety & cleanliness standards

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Longopac - Continuous Liner System

  • Saves money - 13% reduction in collection costs
  • Saves time - only 30 seconds to empty & reline!
  • Improves hygiene - no contact with waste...

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