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Demonstrate your business cares about sustainability 

Fully branded reverse vending machines that incentivise staff to recycle

Customisable design

Incentivise staff with rewards for recycling

Show your brand's commitment to recycling

Educate staff and encourage better habits

Engage your team with recycling in a simple and fun way.

Reward your employees for recycling, with each bottle you can give a small donation to charity, cashback or another reward of your choice

CafeCrush’s compacting mechanism reduces the waste volume of plastic bottles, cans & coffee cups up to 90%!

This reduces labour time spent on managing the waste volume, reducing bag changes and bin lifts..

Our machines have fully customisable graphics on 3 sides of the machine. This is a perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment to recycling through clear on-brand messages. A well-designed machine can stand out in your office and create a talking point around your recycling habits at work.

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Choose from Maxi Evo or Tower

Maxi Evo

Available with barcode scanning system:

  • Dimensions: 900(W)mm x 650(D)mm x 1830(H)mm
  • Weight (without packaging): 180kg
  • Touchscreen Android Tablet
  • Screen Size: 15.6 inches
  • Waste Chute Included





Ideal for more compact spaces

  • Dimensions: 400(W)mm x 555(D)mm x 1830(H)mm
  • Weight (without packaging): 125kg
  • Device: Android Tablet
  • Screen Size: 8 inches

Insertion hatch safety micro-switch
Disables the grinding mechanism whenever the insertion hatch is open

Door micro-switch
Disables the grinding mechanism whenever the machine door is open

Feed duct with hatch
Located in the centre of the body, used to convey the material to the rotating blades

Sanitisation pump
Automatically sanitises the feed duct at a pre-determined interval

Electrical panel
Located at the top of the body, contains all electrical connections, power board and fuses. It has a safety switch to cut off the machine electrical system power supply

Compacting Mechanism
Located inside the body, behind and below the duct where the material to be compacted is inserted. It is composed of a gear-motor and a system of rotating blades

Mechanism mouth photocell sensor and reflector
Senses when an item passes through the grinding mechanism

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Cafecrush FAQs

  • What does the CafeCrush Reverse Vending machine service & maintenance package include?
    The package lasts 12 months & includes 1 full annual on-site service, cover for machine breakdown or errors due to a manufacturing fault, not misuse or neglect, and the cost of any parts & labour incurred by machine maintenance or repairs.
  • Can I lease a CafeCrush Reverse Vending machine?
    We work with external equipment leasing companies to provide you with leasing options or you can arrange your own financing.
  • Can I trial a CafeCrush Reverse Vending machine?
    We don’t offer trials of these machines as each machine has its own graphics & ticket incentive.  Therefore, it’s not commercially viable for us to trial a machine as it cannot be used again once it’s been set up for your requirements.
  • Does CafeCrush Reverse Vending sort & segregate different materials or scan barcodes?
    No.  These machines are very simple in their design.  Waste is inserted into the chute and passes through the compactor into a waste sack below.  The machine then offers an incentive ticket which can be customised to your requirements.  There are many machines available with far more complicated mechanism, designed for the implementation of a Deposit Return Scheme.  Our CafeCrush machines are simply designed to incentivise recycling & compact cups.
  • How many machines do I need for cans, bottles & cups?
    To recycle paper coffee cups, aluminium cans & PET plastic bottles, two machines will usually be sufficient; one for cups & one for bottles & cans.  Most waste brokers will accept bottles & cans in the same waste stream and will segregate the waste at their sorting facility.  However, you will have to check this with your own waste broker to confirm their regulations.
  • Can CafeCrush Reverse Vending be used with coffee cups?
    Yes.  These machines will compact any single-use coffee cup to a fraction of its size, and the crushed cups are still able to be recycled in the same way as any other coffee cups.  We find that a CafeCrush machine is a very good way to get a pure waste stream of coffee cups with minimal contamination ready for recycling.

Judge us by the company we keep

52% General Waste Reduction for NatWest

I just want to share some positive feedback with regards to our waste behaviours on site since we collaborated. Our general waste has reduced by 52% which is a remarkable achievement!  The ease of separation is helping staff dispose of waste without contamination.” Thanks as always!

David McManus, Senior Facilities Manager

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