Dale Hewison

Dale Hewison

  • As our CafeCrush technical specialist, Dale is the man who answers your questions on the subject
  • He’s also a vital cog in keeping the operations & order fulfilment running smoothly
  • When he’s not working, Dale will probably either be underneath his red 1992 Volvo 440 or up a tree with a chainsaw in his hand
Fletcher Dormer

Fletcher Dormer

  • With a big smile while offering great company to whoever he’s with, Fletcher is personable and friendly, making a positive and memorable first impression
  • For Fletcher, ensuring expeditious responses to customers needs is of the utmost importance, he provides a caring and friendly experience
  • He can consume Chill Heatwave Doritos almost inexhaustibly!
  • In his spare time, Fletcher loves to spend his time off in the hills, chainsaw in hand, doing some logging
Eleanor Yates

Eleanor Yates

  • Eleanor gets the job done when it comes to finance
  • She is often the first voice you’ll hear when calling Unisan, she’s great with people, a perfect first point of contact
  • She works tremendously hard to ensure our customers are well looked after
  • Eleanor appreciates travelling on a cruise trip and exploring the world
  • She can’t resist a tasty piece of chocolate and a nice cup of tea
Marshall Hill

Marshall Hill

  • Marshall loves digital marketing, along with creating marketing strategies and campaigns
  • He is the guru behind our customer nurture campaigns
  • Passionate about photography and video, Marshall has a keen interest in content marketing
  • Not a lot of people know that Marshall has real talent as a pianist
Chet Dormer

Chet Dormer

  • Chet has been with the company for 10 years
  • Chet is the ‘engine room’ of the company, he works tirelessly to get customers’ projects completed on time
  • He is the guy with the answers to any operations question and the one who gets the job done
  • He has a strong interest in finance and ensuring that the numbers stack up
  • Chet has a great love for travel, and enjoys trips to New Zealand in particular
James Johnson

James Johnson

  • On the team, James is the most likely to be found singing while dispatching orders
  • James is the driver in the operations and project management department
  • He works hard to achieve continuous improvement, making a difference to our warehouse operation
  • In his spare time, you’ll find James on his mountain bike or riding the waves in his ocean kayak
Awen Evans

Awen Evans

  • Awen has an extremely positive personality and enjoys a good laugh
  • She thrives when speaking with customers and hearing all about their recycling challenges and pain points
  • Awen’s area of expertise includes corporate offices and facilities
  • Awen ran her own businesses for several years, including a bridal shop!
Kris Bessant

Kris Bessant

  • Kris is the lead project manager for our recycling projects, so he’s the man who’ll work with you to deliver your requirements
  • Kris is great with customers and works hard every day to provide quick & efficient service
  • He enjoys cooking and tucking into a lovingly prepared homemade meal
  • It’s a close one, but out of the whole team, Kris probably eats the most chocolate digestives per day
Clive Matkin

Clive Matkin

  • Clive is eager to continuously improve and create clean, safe floors. He specialises in ProfilGate
  • With over 40 years of experience, Clive has seen it all when it comes to sales and business development
  • Clive has an engineering & computer manufacture background, even running his own pub and go-kart business!
  • He loves a round of golf and can sometimes be found practising his golf swings at lunchtime in the warehouse!
  • In his spare time, Clive enjoys spending time with his family and walking his dogs in the nearby hills
Wyn Dormer

Wyn Dormer

  • Wyn has been with the company for over 12 years
  • He has a strong passion for growing a business, Wyn is keenly involved in business development and working with our key corporate accounts
  • Wyn loves to work with customers to solve their problems, making recycling at work easier & more engaging
  • Wyn is one of those people who likes to analyse and crunch the numbers
  • Outside of work, Wyn likes to spend time with his family and enjoys a good gin & tonic with a tasty Mexican dish
Jon Dormer

Jon Dormer

  • The founder of Unisan Ltd. Jon started the company back in 1989 with a strong sales background
  • With a keen interest in innovation and bringing unique solutions to the market, Jon works on new product development
  • Not many people know that Jon has a passion for vintage Massey Ferguson tractors
  • Outside of work, Jon likes to spend valuable time with his family and grandchildren. He gets a real buzz when raising money for charity or working in the local community

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