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We are a solutions based provider and manufacturer of workplace recycling solutions. We help and enable businesses of all sizes to empower their employees to recycle more, therefore lessening their corporate impact on the environment and demonstrating the company cares about sustainability whilst reducing costs.


Making recycling at work:






People make Unisan

We pride ourselves in our team values and apply them to everything we do:


Act as owners

Collaborate to deliver results

Improve continuously

Care deeply

Celebrate success

Act As Owners

  • Think, look and act like an owner, even when no one is looking
  • Take final responsibility for our actions and results
  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done with no excuses
  • Respect the tools & property you’ve been provided
  • Be prepared to tidy up

Collaborate to Deliver Results

  • Together everyone achieves more
  • Communicate clearly & openly at all times
  • Be honest, approachable and solution minded
  • Show respect for others and accept feedback

Care Deeply

  • Genuine concern for the well-being of others
  • Honest when we fail, humble when we succeed
  • Care and attention to detail, don’t let yourself off
  • Finish when you say you will & execute with excellence

Celebrate Success

  • When team members ‘do extra’
  • Keep humble, be thankful for the small wins
  • Catch people doing things right
  • Reward while the sweat is on the brow
  • Making people smile & feel valued

Improve Continuously

  • Leave it better than you found it
  • Consistently seek ways to enhance processes,products & skills
  • Have a positive & adaptable mindset towards feedback
  • Never stop growing & learning

Meet the team

We’re a friendly, enthusiastic team, steeped in recycling knowledge and eager to impart it. We live for helping you solve your recycling challenges and strive every day to make sure our customers’ needs are cared for with quick response times and speedy deliveries. We’re always looking for new ways to make recycling at work a better experience. We can share a wealth of experience after working with large corporations in every sector and industry to transform their recycling with innovation & cutting edge design.

Martel Dormer
unisan team member
Annabelle Struthers
Justin Gauden - Unisan
Justin Gauden
unisan team member
Barrie John
Jon Dormer

Judge us by the company we keep


A Quick Turnaround for Ted Baker

Unisan offered practical solutions and allowed us to be creative with our own imagery to suit the design of our office.

In addition, working with your designer was very quick and easy. You were also flexible when we required a fast lead time, so were able to bring the delivery date forward, which was a huge relief.

The feedback so far from the teams has been great, in terms of look and ease of the recycling stations.

Cleaning Efficiencies for British Gas

With the Longopac Liner Solution, the number of collections throughout the day have reduced by 50% on the office floors The collections in the refreshment room have been reduced from 20 to 15 during the week. We've saved 3 hours per day of our cleaners time, changing bin liners, since switching to Longopac Continuous Liners meaning they have more time to complete other tasks.

British Gas

Large Scale Recycling With Roadchef

Roadchef use Unisort Cup Collectors at our motorway services to recycle Costa and McDonalds cups.

They are very well designed and encourage our visitors recycle their empty cups. Separate apertures for lids, liquids, and cups helps to ensure that the cups are not contaminated and can easily be sorted and sent off for recycling.

I am very happy to recommend Unisan to any company looking to implement recycling in the workplace.

They have some excellent innovations and are always looking to improve their designs. I have found their customer service to be exemplary and Unisan’s enthusiasm makes them a logical choice in this area.

Mike Jackson, ESG and Charity Manager




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