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Empowering cleaner and greener facilities

Unisan actively helps organisations to enhance hygiene and promote recycling for the sake of people and planet, while maintaining or enhancing operational efficiency. In a responsible age, we help companies show that they care. Every organisation wants to operate productively and profitably. But alongside that necessity is a growing awareness of our responsibility to preserve the environment around us, and protect our people close by. Our range of recycling bins, and hygiene solutions are made up of unique and customisable products.

We make doing the right thing easy

We’re passionate about making recycling at work easier and more engaging. We believe this enables people to do the right thing and allow companies to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and the environment.

People make Unisan

We’re a friendly, enthusiastic team, steeped in recycling knowledge and eager to impart it.  We live for helping you solve your recycling challenges and strive every day to make sure our customers’ needs are cared for with quick response times and speedy deliveries.

Leading recycling innovation

We’re always looking for new ways to make recycling at work a better experience.  We can share a wealth of experience after working with large corporations in every sector and industry to transform their recycling with innovation & cutting edge design.

We do things your way

Over the years, we’ve built a deep supply chain network that enables us to deliver the solution you want.  We work flexibly to create a tailored or completely bespoke solution that fits your recycling needs perfectly.

Meet the team

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