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Up to 80% Savings on Plastic & CO2

Need an easy way to reduce the use of plastic and carbon dioxide in your workplace?

Standard bin liners have a massive overhang to hold them in place

Sequenced bin emptying at set times mean cleaners remove bags when only 20-50% full

‘One-size-fits-all bins’ doesn’t work … It wastes plastic & creates unnecessary CO2

No More Overhangs

No more plastic hanging over the bin edge

The entire bin bag capacity is used for waste

= Less Plastic Waste

No More Empty Space

No more empty air space inside bin bags

Fewer bin bags needed

= Less Plastic Waste

Thinner But Strong To Reduce Plastic

Using a special 3-ply LDPE formula we reduce the thickness by 50% without comprising strength

When tested our liners are 3-4 times stronger than standard bags

Remember, thickness doesn’t necessarily equal strength

Make The Bag Fit The Waste

You only use the amount of liner required to hold the waste

No excess use or wastage of plastic

Reduce Labour By 38%

Far too much time is wasted emptying standard bins

Only 30 seconds to empty & reline. The next liner is always to hand

No more splitting liners or overflowing bins

Increase workplace productivity

Traditional bin bags waste plastic.

They use excess plastic that never gets filled.

Longopac Liners are a more efficient solution that reduces the amount of plastic used.

Annually, one of our customers saved:


300 tonnes of Plastic
1,400 tonnes of CO2


That’s the equivalent of:

28 million bottles

3.48 million miles

273 homes electricity for one year

Here’s what our customers say:

Cleaning Efficiencies for British Gas

With the Longopac Liner Solution, the number of collections throughout the day have reduced by 50% on the office floors The collections in the refreshment room have been reduced from 20 to 15 during the week. We've saved 3 hours per day of our cleaners time, changing bin liners, since switching to Longopac Continuous Liners meaning they have more time to complete other tasks.

British Gas

Classic Longopac

We are now emptying the bins less often - we have reduced the time spent emptying bins by half

Compact Longopac

In our office we have saved 1.25 hours a day changing bin liners and reduced our labour by half

Dynamic Longopac

Across all our sites, we have saved 321 tonnes of plastic and reduced our carbon footprint by 1,451 tonnes

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How we work


Ask questions to deeply understand your needs

We’ll use our expertise and passion to identify how best to improve recycling in your facility.


Work with you to create a bespoke solution

We pride ourselves with a design led approach, ensuring you have an enaging solution which will make recycling easier for your staff and increase recycling rates in your workplace.


Deliver on-time and to your 100% satisfaction

We'll execute your project seamlessly - on budget, on time, and with a personal delivery service where we can distribute your new Longopac Continuous Liner Solutions