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Longopac Continuous Liner System


How much quicker is the Longopac system?


How does Longopac compare to a traditional bin system?

How much plastic are you wasting with bin liners?

How strong are the Longopac Liners?


ProfilGate Footwear & Wheel Cleaning System


ProfilGate Aqua System


ProfilGate Pedestrian System


CafeCrush Reverse Vending Machines


Cafecrush Reverse Vending Recycling Machine

The most hygienic bin we know of!

Looking for a more hygienic bin solution?

Longopac is probably the strongest bin in the world!

What are you doing about the ocean plastics problem?

Why do I need a reverse vending machine?

Ramsol Surface Sanitiser Spray Kit

Ramsol Surface Sanitiser Spray Kit

Adapt office recycling bin

Screen Divider Social Distancing or Flow Control Solution

ProfilGate Aqua Mobile – The Smart Sanitising Entrance Solution

Foot pedal operated hand sanitiser dispenser - hygienic, no contact with hands, durable & robust

Emperor Hygienic Touch Free Sanitiser Station, Foot Pedal Operated, Holds 5L Sanitiser Bottle