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Win & retain client contracts by implementing workspace recycling innovation

We understand your challenges when retaining contracts and improving recycling for clients.
Frustrated with…


  • Need to save time & labour (increase contract efficiency & profitability)?
  • Clients demanding more sustainability driven results?
  • Contaminated waste, lower recycling rates & increased collection costs?
  • Unclear signage or worse no signage at all?!
  • Lack of engagement and buy in from the client?
  • Current bins get separated as not joined together as a recycling station?
  • Hours being spent emptying bins?

Sustainable solutions to help achieve your sustainability goals & demonstrate you care

Aesthetically pleasing recycling solutions which suit your office interior

Clear, customisable signage to engage staff and reduce contamination

Hidden innovation which can achieve Plastic & CO2 savings of 70-80%

Working together we support you in finding your clients perfect workplace recycling solution suited to their requirements. Correctly identifying how their workplace operates, with its waste, in order to provide them with a solution which will increase your office recycling rates and reduce contamination.

We aim to engage staff in the new recycling scheme and believe that behavioural change will reduce general waste & increases recycling. Supporting you throughout the whole process:


We offer tailored solutions with a consultative approach to deeply understand what you really need


We provide design visuals to approve before your solution is delivered


We offer a ‘white glove’ delivery service that is adaptable and flexible to suit your needs

Judge us by the company we keep

Partnering With ISS

We were asked by our clients NatWest to develop a strategy for more ergonomic use of the waste bins they were using.

The cohesion between our requirements and the Unisan design team have worked very well. Ideas are pushed backwards and forwards, along with the attention to detail on the sizing and the use of materials that would be the best fit for the areas that are being served.

We have a genuine relationship that we have built up with the Unisan team. All future clients across the ISS financial portfolio will use Unisan as their go to option for all their waste needs.

I would recommend the team whole heartly to any new FM looking to purchase kit.

Why recycle?

Environmental value

Every recyclable item in general waste has 0% probability of being recycled. The more your company can recycle, the more waste you are diverting from landfill

Brand perception

Be seen to be doing the right thing by implementing an effective recycling system to show that your company cares about sustainability and the environment


With constantly evolving government legislation, you are likely to save money by recycling, or be heavily taxed for sending ‘general waste’ to landfill and incineration

Employee satisfaction

Research by Total Jobs: 26% of UK employees say that they’d opt for a pay cut to work for an eco-friendly company

Reduce CO2 Footprint

Every tonne recycled is worth 1.6 tonnes of CO2

Increase Recycling Rates

Recycling happens at the source, when it leaves the hand, not at the waste sorting centre

Need some inspiration?

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Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?