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Aside from using for collecting waste, we have some creative alternative uses for the Mega bin. It is so versatile, the sky is the limit with this bin! This super durable bin container is made from heavy-duty plastic moulded plastic, making it dent-proof and pretty much indestructible… suitable for any environment including manufacturing, warehouses, farms, household, garden and more. With easy grip handles to make it simple to lift of heavy loads and a base rim grip to assist operator handling. The Mega bin, comes in 85 or 120 litre capacity and is available with a heavy duty flat lid for stable stacking – ideal for situations where space is limited. The construction and material is so easy to clean and washable, suiting indoor or outdoor scenarios, no matter how dirty. The Mega bins are even made from food contact approved polypropylene, making these containers great for food storage.

mega bins multi purpose durable bins for storage or recyclingHere goes our 10 interesting ideas for the Mega durable container….

Recycling Sorting

Whether at home or at work, the colour options make these containers perfect for segregating your recycling before collection. Available in a range of 5 colours including white, black, yellow, green, red, grey. We also have a huge range of ready-made self adhesive vinyl recycling labels available to purchase, perfect for sticking on the bin to make it clear what waste stream goes in them, for example plastic bottles, mixed recycling, textiles and more. Click here to see the range.

recycling bin stickers range of colours and waste streams

Storage for spill kits – be spill response ready

Be health and safety conscious in your factory by keeping an organised container with your spill absorbent kit – make sure it is clearly labelled and in a super accessible location for emergencies. It is essential to be prepared for every day spills from leaking machines, containers and storage tanks, or even larger oil or chemical spills that may accidentally occur. Check out spill control & containment products here.

Storage for food ingredients

The containers (excluding the grey colour) are made from food contact approved polypropylene. This means they would be an excellent method of storing bulk ingredients in a food manufacturing facility, restaurant or café. Whether it be vegetables like potatoes or onions, or even for storing bulk herbs and spices, these large containers with lids will keep them clean, fresh and dry.

Garage organisation

Garages are often an obstacle course… exiting the garage without hitting anything is unusual. But a few smart organisation tricks are all you need to help you regain some extra square-footage. The Mega containers are so robust, they will last for years in a garage environment. Using these durable containers for storage will not only make your garage look neater it will help you make the most of all that extra storage space, or even space for a vehicle! If your garage or garden shed is cluttered with sports equipment, Christmas decorations, old children’s toys, and household bric-a-brac, why not declutter and get organised with a selection of large plastic dustbins (and find the weed killer when you need it). A tidy garage is a productive one, and with the mega bins for storage, you will find yourself using the space so much more effectively. Keep everything from tools to out-of-season clothes dust-free…They will also protect your possessions from mould spores and potential damage from pests, such as moths or mice. Just ensure the containers are clearly labelled for a reference point, then they can be stacked tidily on shelves or in a corner out of the way. Available in a variety of bright colours to complement both indoor and outdoor locations, these great value bins will keep the contents dry, clean, dust free, and out of sight until you need them again.

Survival Kit for Disaster / Emergency

Create your own survival kit and store it safely in a Mega bin container. This will not only give you peace of mind but safety if an emergency were to ever occur – make sure it is stored somewhere near an exit. Some necessary things to include in a survival kit, to cover all bases are; water bottles (3 day supply), non-perishable easy to prepare food items, a torch, a battery powered radio, extra batteries, a family first aid kit, medical items or medication, a multi-purpose tool, sanitation and personal hygiene items, copies of important documents (medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies), cell phone with chargers, emergency blanket. Make sure you store your liquids at the bottom of your emergency kit, then fill it with necessities like food, medication and clothing.
container for emergency kit or survival kit

Earth cellar

An earth cellar or ‘root cellar‘ is a structure, usually underground or partially underground, used for storage of vegetables, fruits, nuts, or other foods. A root cellar preserves food, because it is both cool and humid – the soil underground keeps the space above freezing temperature and the moisture in the air prevents vegetables from losing water and becoming rubbery. The humidity level prevents loss of moisture through evaporation. Root vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, beets, parsnips, rutabagas, and turnips are typically stored in a root cellar. The environment is ideal for storing jars of canned or pickled vegetables and the bulbs or rhizomes of perennial flowers as well. With a Mega bin, you can make a simple, mini root cellar right in the garden – simply bury a bucket and cover it with a straw bale.


Pet Food storage

These Mega bins are perfect for storing dry pet foods, and you can even stack them if you are limited on floor space and have multiple pets. The mega bins and lids will keep your pet’s food dry, insect free, and super fresh. They are even made of food contact approved polypropylene – a health bonus for your precious pet!

Compost bin

Recycle your garden and vegetable waste the eco-friendly way with your very own bin composter. Easy to build, you simply need a Mega bin, some general household tools, a couple of hinges, and some filters to promote airflow. Simply cut out two holes on each side of the bin for the air filters, cut out a compost removal flap a few inches from the base of the bin (reattaching the flap with the hinges), and drill holes in the lid for added circulation. Voila, you have your very own compost bin!

Make Winter Feeders for Cattle / pigs / horses

Keeping hay dry during the wet winters months in no easy task, but turning Mega bins into winter feeders for outdoor paddocks is an innovative and practical idea. You could simply cut a large access hole in the base of the bin, and transform the receptacle into something so useful. Whether you have pigs, goats, horses or cattle… you name it… this bin makes a great fodder storage option. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and is perfectly suited for tough farm environments due to its extremely hard-wearing properties.

A Portable Beer Bin

As random as it sounds… you could even use a Mega bin with the portable dolly / wheels as portable beer storage. Especially if you have your own little home brew going on! Take the mega bin, drill a hole for the pipes, place a beer barrel inside, install a beer tap on top of the lid, connect everything together, and there you have it, a portable beer bin for garden parties and BBQs.

Checkout the video here to reiterate how durable and robust the Mega bin is:

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