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Washing your hands regularly is one of the first things you get taught when you are younger, yet as we age, the time and desire to wash our hands on a regular basis can dwindle somewhat. As a business owner you should be doing your up most to ensure your workplace is as hygienic as possible, with one of the most effective and also easiest ways of achieving this being through the introduction of hand cleaners.

Read on to discover 5 ways in which hand cleaners can help improve your workplace across many different areas;


In a workplace, where large numbers of people descend on a daily basis, it is very easy for germs and bacteria to quickly spread and affect a large number of people if a certain level of cleanliness is not maintained. With germs come illnesses, and the last thing you want is to have a large number of people absent and therefore not being able to complete their work. The introduction of hand cleaners, hand soaps and disinfector hand gels make it easy for the amount of germs to be kept under control as everyone within the property can easily wash their hands as and when required.

Skin Care Understanding

Encouraging the regular use of hand cleaners will improve the knowledge and understanding your employees have of skin care, and will also ensure that you are both complying with the relevant protocols and guidelines that are in place.

Increased Productivity

It may sound an odd benefit but having hand cleaners at strategic locations around the workplaces can help to improve productivity. Whereas previously your employees may have had to take a considerable amount of time to get cleaned up after the completion of a task, hand cleaners enable a quick and effective solution to cleaning, therefore enabling the next project to be worked on in a much shorter space of time.


Safety is of course of paramount importance, so you will be pleased to know that hand cleaners can help improve the level of safety. Oils and grease can easily lead to accidents if they are not cleaned off your hands before moving on to the next project as they will make the surface you are working on incredibly slippery; with hand cleaners in place, this potential problem is eradicated as all oil, grease or any other similar substance can be quickly and easily removed.

Create a Pleasant Working Environment

Regular hand washing following by the application of the correct skin care creams leaves the hands feeling clean, refreshed and well looked after. This helps to create a ‘feel-good’ factor for your employees when going about their daily work, which in turn helps to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your workforce.

If your staff can see that you are taking action to make your business a more inviting, clean setting for them to work in, they will be motivated as they will be coming to work in an inviting environment at the same time as knowing you are all following the same practices to limit the chances of individuals getting ill.

All that will be left for you to do is ensure you place the hand cleaners in the correct locations to encourage staff to use them, which is where we at Unisan come in with our on-site surveys and our range of market-leading products to specify the best product to meet your requirements. 

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