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Longopac Continuous Liner Bin System from UnisanLongopac QuickBin
Did you know the Longopac continuous liner system is one of our most popular products? Not only is the system incredibly easy to use, but it also helps reduce bag usage by up to seven times.

A recent case study from our work with National Bakers Greggs, found that they managed to reduce their collection costs by a huge 13% by implementing this system.

How does Longopac work? Continuous Liner Bin System

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The Longopac system isn’t loaded with a single liner, one at a time, like standard bins. Instead, the system has a continuous liner, which is available in up to 110 metres.

This loads from the top of the bin as it is emptied from the bottom, with no hand contact on the waste or inside of the bin. The continuous liner means you never waste liner material, and you can easily compress waste down straight away, reducing your need for regular collections.



Request a Two-Week Trial with a No-Quibble Money-Back Guarantee

To test the bins out for yourself we’re offering a whopping 50% discount on the bins themselves. We’ll send you the bins for two weeks to trial and you can purchase however many liners you need at the usual cost. If you love the bins, keep them (at no extra cost) and simply purchase more liners from us when you run out. If at the end of the two weeks you’re not 100% satisfied, send the bins back to us and we’ll send you your money back in full. It’s as simple as that!

Get in touch with one of our friendly staff in our South Wales office on 0845 0700 624.

Watch out for our next blog where we explore how this system can help you improve your hygiene, quality standards and cleaning costs

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