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Good question? If your business is anything like many businesses I have spoken to over the last few months, it’s clear that many are still somewhat confused as to whether their office bins are or are not GDPR compliant.

As with many regulations, it’s all in the interpretation. Somewhere between the white and the black is a very grey area.

The advice I would give is – it’s better to be safe than sorry. The sheer deluge of conflicting search results, posts and blogs would suggest this. So, certainly get your own independent (and more importantly qualified) advice as each business model is very different from the next. That said, as an absolute bare minimum, when it comes to paper waste, all businesses should invest in confidential waste bins.

Whether this be an additional waste stream or aperture in a recycling waste station (see example below where confidential waste has been added to a multi-bin which accommodates a number of other waste streams inc. mixed recycling, general waste and food waste).

GDPR compliant bespoke recycling station for paper waste

Or stand alone bins that are purely dedicated to the secure storage of confidential waste before it is either shredded onsite or sent off to a paper shredding service provider such as ShredIt.

GDPR compliant paper waste bins for offices

For specific advice regarding confidential waste bins, please call Wyn or Fletcher on 0845 0700 624 or email [email protected].

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