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Yes, significantly quicker. Whilst it may take a couple of times to get quick at using the cable ties we have proven many, many times with lots of clients they can save hours of time per shift / per day. One client told us they saved 3 hours per shift by using the continuous liners and another client said they reduced their bin emptying team from 2 people to 1 and were able to redeploy that team member to production related tasks, thus increasing output.

The next bag is always immediately to hand with the continuous liners and it only takes 20-30 seconds to empty and reline the bin. No more wandering off to fetch the next bin liner or struggling to open at the wrong end…!  Also as there is way less air trapped in the bags when removed from the bins cleaners can fit double the amount of bags in their trolleys and reduce the amount of time spent walking to and from waste storage areas.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?