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Once again Longopac QuickBin shows its true colours by helping reduce bag wastage and drastically saving time.

At a recent visit to a food factory, we found that bins were being emptied and the black sacks were only 20-30% full! This highlights a huge wastage of liners and unnecessary bag changing as bins are not even full.

We then put the contents of the 8 sacks above into the QuickBin which filled 1 QuickBin!

This proves a saving of 8 journeys, 8 hand washes (saving time, soap, water and electricity from your hand driers) and 8 black sacks. To what extent could this benefit you…?

Have you ever analysed how much time your employees waste when they change the bin and how much money you waste using black sacks? What may seem an irrelevant question, can be the moment of truth for many managers!

You can prevent this wasting of time with Longopac QuickBin with the following benefits

  • Saves money – reduce bag usage by up to 7 times and reduces waste collection costs
  • Drastically improves hygiene – no contact with waste and bacteria
  • Saves time – seal, empty and re-line in just 20-30 secs – your next liner is ready to go
  • Increase productivity – unique continuous 110m, sealed liner, pulls down for immediate bin re-lining.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?