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With onsite improvements in regards to recycling a long time overdue, many businesses are now thinking about a structured and thought-through system for their recycling. Thanks to the BBC programme Blue Planet, the underlying concerns we all had regarding recycling have now escalated to, for some, a high priority.

Many businesses are now taking recycling seriously with goals of zero waste. So, hear, hear! Out with the old indoor waste bin, one for each desk, hidden underneath with an over-sized and overflowing plastic bag. Let’s welcome in the new – a new bin for the 21st century, fit for purpose and looking pretty good too.

The benefits of adopting a structured and thought-through system for their recycling

Bins are sometimes overlooked as a by-product of day-to-day life. And afterthought. Moving away from this 20th-century approach allows businesses to ensure that ‘the bin’ is not only fit for purpose, it’s future proof and in keeping with its interior design.

Bespoke Recycling Stations are increasing in popularity. Bespoke by name, and by nature they can be adapted to fit within the brands existing interior design. Providing unlimited flexibility of design, so you choose the:

  1. Number of waste streams inc. confidential waste (think GDPR)
  2. Function and layout of waste streams
  3. Construction material
  4. Design and colour palette inc. messaging

Some great examples below.

Bespoke Recycling Stations and Solutions

Of course, some businesses may be looking for a more off the shelf solution without compromising on design. There are literally thousands of solutions, maybe too many but perseverance pays off in the end.


Some businesses use consistency as a way to enforce, encompass recycling within their facility. The consistency of colour, design and function. These can be both off the shelf and bespoke, again some great examples below.

Off the shelf recycling stations and solutions

And for those who have the desire for a recycling make-over but are constrained by budget or buy-in, there are more ‘economic’ solutions.

“For businesses struggling to get buy-in from stakeholders for investment, measure and monitor the success of any recycling campaign – however small or large. If you can prove the investment in a better recycling bin solution can pay off, you’re more likely to succeed. Think – reduced labour and cleaning costs, think reduced waste collection costs and improved waste segregation – all of which cost the business money in the long run” wyn, Sales Manager at Unisan UK.

Cheap recycling stations and solutions

Whatever solution works best for you and your business, there are benefits of speaking with providers of recycling solutions for businesses – if nothing else to ensure that you don’t waste money on unnecessary items. At the end of the day, you are the expert at what you do, they are the experts in recycling solutions.

wyn has been helping businesses for over a decade and would be more than happy to help you.

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