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The number of food and drink product recalls in the UK grew by 62% in 2015/16 and the average cost of a significant recall hit £7.1m*.   

Contamination from glass, plastic and metal parts is a major concern and a major contributor to the steady growth of product recall over the last decade.  So, what proactive steps can businesses take to protect themselves against this risk? 

80% of contamination (dirt, debris or moisture) is carried in on tyre wheels and shoes.    

So, one way of reducing the product recall risk, thus maintaining product integrity, is to remove the risk of contamination at the source – the entrance.   With multiple entrance points (internal and external) and a natural human behaviour to avoid designated cleaning procedure (whether that be shoe covers and/or a single point of cleaning i.e  wash station),  how do major global brands overcome these risks?

Below are just some examples of ProfilGate installations which have been adopted by major brands in the Food & Drink Manufacturing industry. 

how to reduce product recall rates




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Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?