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If you have problems with dirty, dusty or slippery floors…
Then we have the solution for you… Stop dirt in its tracks with CleanTrax ProfilGate.

What is CleanTrax ProfilGate?

CleanTrax ProfilGate is the ultimate solution for reducing the amount of dirt, dust, grime and moisture coming into your workplace (warehouses, production areas etc). It has been proven to help reduce up 90% of dirt and dust coming in!!!

The benefits to your company.

As a result of capturing such significant amounts of dust and dirt, you can benefit from a far cleaner working environment, drastically helping to reduce cleaning and maintenance costs!

CleanTrax ProfilGate helps to improve hygiene and contain the dirt, dust and moisture at the entrances and keeps it from spreading throughout the workplace.

CleanTrax ProfilGate helps to reduce the risk of slippery floors and improve health & safety. It helps to reduce the amount of water coming in when it raining outside.

The overall quality and life span of the flooring within your workplace will also be improved, as well as helping to ensure that the quality of the products you are producing is never comprised.

More good reasons to use CleanTrax ProfilGate:

  • The patented system
  • Easy to clean
  • Modular system fits various sizes
  • Surface mounted or set in the floor
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Longevity guaranteed

Judge us by the company we keep! We are paid suppliers to…

UK: Jaguar Landrover, BMW & Mini, Toyota, Federal Mogul, Weetabix, McVities (United Biscuits), British Sugar, DS Smith Packaging, Greencore, General Mills and more…

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