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With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force in May 2018, the demand for recycling confidential waste paper bins grows. Many businesses are looking at investing in confidential recycling bins.

But what’s out there? What should you look out for in terms of the good and the not so good? In this article, I’ll review price, function and design options – from the meat-and-potatoes (the bare minimum) to the Almas Caviar (the creme de la creme).

Price: How much do confidential recycling bins costs?

Prices online seem to vary between £30 to £300 but the pricing varies depending on capacity in the main.

Capacity can range from 50L right up to 120L. But I have seen bins bigger than this.

For £30, you’ll get something like a 50L capacity, one-use bin (i.e. it only serves one purpose) and would be a stand-alone system. Perfect for small home offices. Please make sure that whatever bin you do buy comes with a lockable or secure lid. Without this, you may fall short of your responsibilities in term of proper handling of confidential data.

The larger the capacity, the higher the price – so the volume of confidential paper waste your business produces dictates, in some part, the price you pay

GDPR and Confidential Recycling Bins

Function: So, what additional features are available above and beyond the bare minimum?

The bare minimum, in my humble opinion, would be plastic, 50L, secure lid. Anything more than this, whilst adding a few more ££’s, provides more scope for a little more style.

Features to look out for:

  • Lockable lid and/or door
  • Fireproof
  • Multiple waste streams i.e. a bin with more than one purpose. Typically, this would be 2 or 3 waste streams, allowing for confidential paper plus general waste, paper waste and/or mixed recycling.
  • Strength of construction – will it hold up to the day-to-day pressure of a working environment?
  • Dimension – moving away from the standard bin dimensions can increase the price. Sometimes, as with many other things available online, it’s good to speak with the experts in providing recycling solutions for businesses
  • Those little things – silly things, maybe, but the door handles, the fact that the doors are soft closing etc can make such a difference not only to your interior design but to the positive message for recycling you’re trying to portray.
Confidential Recycling Bins and GDPR

Design Options: Where you take things up a notch (or two, maybe three)

This is where a bin is so much more than pure function. Carrying your brand colours, or designed to complement your interior design, this option is growing in popularity as businesses invest more in zero waste and the brand image associated with that.

Designed to make recycling and waste management, for all concerned, easy. From the end user to those who empty the bin and manage waste collections.

Each and every element of the bin is designed to specification – right from the wheels to the waste streams, to the construction and to the branding and messaging.

Another benefit of a bespoke confidential recycling bin solution is that is works well in a communal space. Creating a recycling station where waste is controlled – making it so much easier (and more cost-effective) to clean.

Confidential Paper Recycling Bins GDPR

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