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Improving hand hygiene is an important factor in every company’s Health and Safety efforts, but how do you make sure that all of your staff comply? In scenarios where dirt and grime is common, our Hanzl wallboards could be the answer, even if you don’t have normal washrooms. Perfect for factories, garages, or on the go, these wallboards come with a range of products to provide an all-in-one solution to good hand care. 


What’s Included?

Firstly, the wallboard itself serves as a brilliant reminder that stands out in any workplace. It has do’s and don’t on great hygiene so that you can mount this at eye level and really make an impression on your staff. The board is durable, vibrant and easily drilled into a wall.

Included is a single refill dispenser, and a dual refill dispenser mounted next to each other to provide a three step hand care system. The dispensers themselves are lifetime guaranteed and made from smooth robust plastic for easy cleaning. 

In the first channel, we include a 700ml pack of our ‘B4 Work Hand Cream’ to protect your hands from industrial dirt and grime. This isn’t your Laura Ashley floral moisturiser, it’s a non-fragranced protection cream to provide a barrier to heavy soiling, regardless of whether you’re working with water-based or oil-based materials. The heavy duty cream is suitable for food environments and will also protect against chapping or dry cracked skin. 

Next up you need to get rid of that grease and grime with our Hanopro super heavy duty hand cleaner. This amazing formula removes even the toughest dirt (such as diesel and hydraulic oil, or oil mixed with soot or metal dust). It also contains rubber scrubbing agents for safe but deep cleaning action.

Once your hands are clean and dry, finish off the three step system with our Hanocura after work cream. This cream is highly moisturising and so gentle you can also use it on your face if you work in harsh outdoor conditions. Most importantly, it absorbs very quickly and keeps skin soothed and supple. 

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Hanzl Hand Care On The Move

Want to see what the system looks like on the go? Here’s a brilliant picture from a demolition client of ours. Working with brick dust, rubble or heavy duty gloves all day can be incredibly harsh on skin so this team really needed a good protection solution. However, being in demolition these guys obviously don’t have a permanent venue they work from every day. Instead they mounted the board to the back of their van so it’s the first thing their staff see before and after they finish their work. 

Want to know more? Feel free to give us a call on 0845 0700 624 to discuss any bespoke requirements or simply just browse our products below.

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