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No, you can simply a tie a knot at the bottom to start capturing the waste and then when you cut the liner to remove the waste you simply tie a know as you would with a standard waste bag. Some of our largest volume customers who use 100’s of continuous liners per month don’t use cable ties.

Obviously using a cable tie uses slightly more plastic but if you tie a knot you will use a similar amount of plastic. We have proven (and can do the same calculations for your site) that we can still save customers 70-80% on plastic usage despite having to use cable ties.

Using cable ties encourages better compaction of the waste and you can remove air from the a bags as you tie right around the top of the waste, saving plastic but also space in external collection bins, which in turn reduces collection costs. One client reduced their Biffa collections by 13% using the continuous liners…!

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?