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That’s a great but somewhat difficult question to answer in one short statement.  So, we compare CafeCrush™ against two of the more common beverage container (plastic bottle, drink can and/or single-use plastic coated cup) recycling bins.

It’s worth stating from the outset – CafeCrush™ is designed to promote positive recycling habits for plastic drink bottles, drink cans and single-use plastic coated cups. It is not designed as a recycling receptacle for other waste types such as food, liquid, straws, paper etc

CafeCrush™ v Cup Collector Bin

Cup collector bins are a staple feature in many workplace canteens, refreshment areas, break out rooms and the like.   As the name suggests, they collect cups.  The key difference between the two is the fact that CafeCrush™ shreds deposited cups (therefore dramatically reducing the waste volume by 90%), holds a significantly higher number of cups (1,900) and offers the ability to incentivise positive recycling.

cafecrush v cup collector bin


  CafeCrush™  Cup Collector
Capacity  1,900 cups Typically 500 cups (varies by bin size) 
Litre Capacity N/A – CafeCrush™ is not designed to collect liquid Typically 7.5 litres (varies by bin size) 
Does it compact or shred? Yes No
Does it come with ticket incentive system? Yes No

CafeCrush™ v Plastic Bottle / Drinks Can Recycling Bin

There are far too many plastic bottle or drinks can recycling bins available and it would be unfair to think CafeCrush™ could be compared to all (in one blog post).  So, in this blog, we compare CafeCrush™ against the Unisort 140 Recycling Bin. Why?  Well, because both are used in very close proximity to a beverage vending machine.

cafecrush v bottle or can recycling bin

  CafeCrush™  Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin
Capacity 400 bottles or cans  Depends on size of bottles deposited
Litre Capacity N/A – CafeCrush™ is not designed to collect liquid Not designed to collect liquids
Does it compact or shred? Yes No
Does it come with ticket incentive system? Yes No
Can it be used indoor and outdoor Yes – if housed in a waterproof/weatherproof shelter Yes


Somewhat short and sweet, but hopefully a helpful and visual comparison of just two recycling solutions commonly used.

Britain's first recycling reward machines

CafeCrush™ is the perfect solution for any business seeking to achieve their Corporate Sustainability goals and in particular for those businesses that simply want to be seen to be doing the right thing.

CafeCrush™ is proud to support Hubbub UK in their drive towards sustainability and their #DriveDownLitter campaign. Motorists will be rewarded for placing litter in special bins (inc. CafeCrush™) at service stations under a scheme to clean up the motorway network. Hailed as Britain’s first “recycling reward” machines, at Maidstone services in Kent, will issue a 5p money-off voucher for each empty plastic bottle or coffee cup inserted.

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