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Few of our clients buy the continuous liners because they save a lot of money, more often they buy it because of the massive plastic savings and reduction in CO2, not to mention making life easier for their cleaning teams and saving hours of time. The amount of plastic and CO2 that can be saved usually outweighs the cost benefits of the continuous liners.

The cost is usually like-for-like with most standard bags. However it depends on how you calculate the amount of bags you get from a continuous liner and what you take into account in terms of ‘cost-in-use’.

If you assume that a Mini continuous 60m liner is equal to 60 bags then the continuous liners will often be more expensive ‘per metre’.  When you consider the amount of waste you can hold per 1 metre of continuous liner it is equivalent to 2-4 standard bags. So it’s important to take this into account when comparing. Our Mini liner refills are typically equivalent to 150-260 standard bags.

Every bag you remove using the continuous liners is 100% full and you don’t waste any plastic.

Also standard bags often split and a 2nd bag has to be used or bins are double lined because the standard bags aren’t strong enough thus increasing the amount you are paying ‘per bag load’. Our continuous liners are a made using a special 3-ply formulation of PE giving them incredible strength up to 4 times that of standard bags. However as we use 3-ply we can lower the thickness by up to 50% compared to standard bags without compromising the strength.

If you cost productivity and time/labour correctly, you see significant savings by using the continuous liners. You don’t need to fetch replacement bags from storage and the bag change is only 20-30 seconds. We have clients who save up to 3 hours / day and clients who have reduced their bin emptying team by 50% by using continuous liners. When you factor this is there are significant cost-savings.

Recycling laws in Wales have changed. Is your business compliant?